Saturday, September 5, 2009

My Totally Random Give Away

This give-away is now closed. The magic number(57) of comments has been reached! Thank you all!

I've been wanting to do a different kind of give-away for a while now. I sometimes lay awake at night thinking about different ways to do this give-away. And I think that I have finally come up with a plan, something that is really different.

So here's the deal. This Random give-away will run from September 5th until November 30th. Why so long you ask? Well, read on my friends and you will figure it out. To enter this give-away, you must make a comment on my blog at any time on any post(including this one) between now and November 30th. You can comment as many times as you like, but only one comment per post per person. I love to hear feedback from my readers, however if you have nothing clever to comment about, you may simply leave a comment to tell me what your favorite item in my Etsy shop is. This is a must! For your comment to qualify you must tell me what your favorite item is(every time you comment), and please be specific(colour, pattern etc). If your profile is private, please leave a way for me to reach you(blog or email address), if I can't reach you, you can't win.

So what is it that you are entering to win? Good question! You are entering for your chance to win your favorite item in my Etsy shop! I will be adding more items regularly so keep checking to see what there is. So if you love more than one thing, each time you comment list a different item, but if you really want a specific item keep telling me.

So how will the winner be chosen? Another good question. I have already chosen a number X, so when X number of comments is reached, that person will be the winner...make sense? For example, if the number is 20(which I assure you it is not), then the person who writes the 20th comment will win whatever they listed as their favorite item in that comment. Now if for some reason I do not have X number of comments on my blog by Nov 30th, I will be forced to use the usual and boring as a back up plan. So it is to your advantage to continue to comment, either you push the number of comments up to number X or to give you multiple entries for the backup plan. Got it? Good

Now for the bonus! Everybody loves a bonus. To earn up to three bonus surprises you must do any or all of the following
  1. Become a follower of my blog(if you are already a follower you already are eligible for one bonus).
  2. Put my give away button(grab it on my side bar) on your blog and leave a comment that you did so.
  3. Blog about my Random Give-Away and leave a comment that you did so and the blog address where I can find it.
Do one, get one bonus, do all three and get three bonuses! YEAH!

So are you ready for this totally random fun?

MaKC Creations Giveaways

This give-away is now closed. The magic number(57) of comments has been reached! Thank you all!


  1. I may just be computer incompetent, but I added your little button to my blog, then tried it out - and I was sent to a page that said "Blogger:Page not found" ...

  2. wow! sewing creativity, computer creativity, energy flowing all around. Can't decide which creation I like most. Keep them coming.

  3. Hi Mandy, Fun giveaway!!!
    I love your Red polka dot doodle purse. I want one sooo bad. Love your stuff!!

  4. I love your take-along highchairs! :)

  5. OK Mandy...I added your button on my sidebar, and blogged about it ( Hope you get a few more followers from that!

    I still need a stuffy for M as his bed is so lonely at night with not a stuffy friend from you to be found. K & G both have one, but alas, M does not! :) That is my favorite item from you....well, right now anyway!

  6. I love your carseat canopies!especially the more neutral sex ones so that you can have them on hand for gifts.

  7. I put your button on my blog, add another few entries for me!


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