Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It sure been a long while...

I have been so busy getting things made for the Kids, Tots and Babes Garage sale this Saturday that I haven't made anything new, just a lot of old favorites. So if you are going to be in the Lethbridge area, and have a few hours to spend, why not come on by the Lethbridge Exhibition grounds and check out the garage sale. It is HUGE and everything is dedicated to kids, tots, and babes(just like the name suggests). There are lots of new and used vendors. You will be sure to find something completely unique and just for you(or your kidlets). I personally will have a great selection of all of my creations and my sister-in-law will be there with her Peek-a-boob nursing covers. You wont be disappointed! The doors open at 9am and it is open until 1pm. Admission is $3.

When this garage sale is over, then hopefully I'll be back to working on new creations and I have a couple of tutorials planned. But we'll see what actually gets done, the weather is getting nice and my gardens are calling me. I love spring. I love working out in the yard as much as I love sewing.

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  1. I have written twice, and it has disappeared twice. Anyway...good for you for making stuff to sell! :) I am not confident enough.

    And I want one of your chair restraint things, but I don't have a kid. Hmmm...


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