Sunday, March 29, 2009

Convert any chair into a High Chair...or a child restraint system.

Here is my newest creation. I had never seen one of these before until I did a google search for "travel high chairs" last summer. It wasn't what I was looking for then(I wanted one that clamped on to the table), but I stored the idea away in my brain, because I knew that it could be a handy item, and one day I would create one. So now I have. Again I did a google search for them, so that I could look at how they worked and what features they came with. There were actually quite a few different ones out there. So I started playing around with some of those different features and styles to create my own pattern. And this is what I have come up with. So far I haven't found a chair that it doesn't fit on(which is a good thing). I've made it so that it buckles up in the back with an adjustable strap, instead of just a tie, and there are belt loops to keep it in place. I am pretty happy with the out come. If you are interested in one, they are in my Etsy shop(link is on the side bar) or posted in my facebook group.

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  1. COOL! I have never seen anything like this before.

    I tried to leave a comment on the other blog, but had trouble. I am totally with you being afraid the water meter guy was a murderer in disguise. And I probably would have let him in too. Good for you for going to the party though!


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