Friday, May 22, 2009

Here they are...22 quilt blocks

OK, I am now nearly all the way caught up. If I simply make two blocks a day for a few days I'll be right on schedule. Here is what I have so far.I like some of them a lot more than others. Some didn't look like I thought they would once they were sewn up, and others looked better than I thought they would. Some may not make it into this quilt. Nearly all..OK, all of the fabric I used so far are from scraps that my sister-in-law has passed on to me. She makes Peek-a-boob nursing covers and has great taste in fabric. I get to make all kinds of fabulous things with the scraps she gives me. So I have to say a big THANK YOU MICHELLE! And if you like the fabrics I've used, and you or someone you know has a baby, you should really go see Michelle's stuff. She's awesome.

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  1. congrats on being caught up! BTW--don't feel too bad--I am way behind also!
    I thought it would be a piece of cake...but I dunno--I got going on other things, lol.
    You have inspired me to get it together though! Thanks!


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