Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Getting back into the swing of things.

Wow, there it goes...summer holidays are nearly over. My oldest has been counting down the day until she gets to head back to school for the past two weeks. Today she received a post card in the mail from her new teacher. She has been talking about school all day, and been on me about getting the backpack, lunch kit and pencil case done before Monday. I told her I'd get to it tonight....but here I am blogging...I'll get right to it right after I am done here.

With school comes routine. Routine is good. Summer fun is fabulous, but it is always nice to get back into a routine. Hopefully once I'm back in a smooth flowing.....OK, lets not fool ourselves, routines rarely flow smoothly, but once I get into a routine, I hope to start tackling all the projects that I have been drooling over all summer, thinking about at night, over analyzing when I should be sleeping....and then once I start creating, I'll have really exciting things to blog about. First up will be the backpack, lunch kit and pencil case for my daughter.

ooh...I almost forgot! I have been puzzling over this give away idea, I've almost got it sorted out in my brain, when I do, you all will be the first to read about it. I know, the excitement is more than you can bare. I promise it will be soon, so all that excitement won't burst out of you....

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  1. I have the hardest time finding a routine regardless what time of year it is. To much always going on. Makes me crazy. ENjoying your blog, and etsy.
    Have a good day.


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