Friday, August 14, 2009

How can you tell it's summer?

I can tell it's summer because I haven't even dented that pile of stuff I blogged about two weeks ago. On the up side, I haven't added to it either.

But that is not why I am here to blog today. No, I have something more exciting to tell you about.

I am going to be part of week long give-away over at the Dress-up drawer. I'm not sure which day I will be featured, what I do know is that there will be 9 different give-aways for you to enter each day. So you are just going to have to keep going back to enter mine, and you might as well enter some of the others while you are browsing. So click on the button on the side bar to take you over to the give-away and see what kind of fun things you will have a chance to win.

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  1. LOL. I hear you on summer. I am the same way. I just purchased a BOATload of fleece at a couple of garage sales and want to get sewing on it soooooo bad, but all I have done so far is get it put away in plastic storage bins.... lo

    Now off to check the dressup drawer giveaway! :)


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