Thursday, February 11, 2010

Grateful beyond words

Yesterday, I could have very well lost all of my favorite fabrics...and everything else that me and my family possess. We had a little issue with faulty wiring. For the whole story go to my personal blog, I can't bare to type it all out again. But I want all of you, my fans and readers, to thank the Lord, along with me, that all is well. And then I would love for you to look for somebody in your area, who wasn't so lucky and extend a helping, loving hand in what ever way you can. I'll be looking for somebody whom I can share my great fortune with. I have so much. I have clothes. I have a warm bed, blankets and pillows. I have all of my precious pictures and journals. I have food and dishes. I have my family all safe and sound. I will gladly share any of it, whatever they need with anyone who wasn't as fortunate as we were.


  1. Heavenly Father does know us and love us. I share your gratitude that all is well, especially with baby on the way.

  2. Mandy, I read your 'close call' and was so thankful also to the LORD for taking good care of your family! Some might wonder why you were so lucky, but I think the LORD has angels over you and your home! Ps 37:23-27. I just discovered your blog, so now I have to go and look around!


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