Friday, May 21, 2010

Look what I just made

I've been on a roll the past little while sewing things for the girls, me and the baby just from fabric in my stash. I know I haven't been on a roll when it comes to blogging about it. I've had good intentions to do so, but for one lame reason or another I just haven't done it. I've hardly made a dent in all my fabric, but there is something satisfying about using up fabric that has just been sitting in bins for an unknown amount of time(either at my house, or at someonelse's). Here is a list of things that I have made so far

-4 pod swadling blankets (only the lining came from my stash).
-1 nursing top for me to wear at the hospital because I HATE the gowns they have at the hospital.
-1pair of pajama pants that match my nursing top.
-Summer Pajamas for all three girls.
-Fleece ponchos for the three girls to wear when we go camping.
-2 different baby slings, I'm not sure what style I'll like better since I have never used one.

And today while I was just sitting feeling really tired, I suddenly had an idea. When I first found out I was pregnant again I came across this froggy flannel that I just loved, so I bought about 4 meters of it with out knowing exactly what I was going to do with it. Today it came to me, this flannel was meant to be a new fitted crib sheet. I just happened to have an old sheet that was wearing thin and the elastic was all stretched out. So I cut it apart to get the right size(all you need is1.75m{1 and 7/8 yard} of 115cm{45"} wide fabric) and away I went. It was so easy and turned out so totally cute, that I am now wondering what else I have in my stash that I can use to make new fun crib sheets.


  1. Goodness you've been busy. Congratulations!

  2. when I was in the hospital, I always asked for the IV tops because I loved having the option to undo one sleeve. I can understand wanting something other than the ugly butt showing gowns! :)


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