Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I'm playing along with Whosies

This looked like fun, so I just had to play along. After all, it inspired me to do something about mine. OK so here's the deal. The game is to take a picture of your nightstand(or whatever you have beside your bed) and send it to Whosies, and if you so desire, create a blog about what you found on your night here is mine...OK, so my night table has overflowed on to the floor....unfortunately a regular occurance.

To show you all what I have hanging around, I moved a few things. The tissue paper flower and paper covered pop bottle vase my 7 year old daughter made for me. The white flowers in the yellow vase my 4 year old daughter gave to me for Christmas. I don't know why the Easter pad and pencil are there. And my Journal finishes this picture off.

Here is a bit of religious reading. There's always more that gets added to this pile.

These books have replaced my novels...for now. I love the ancient Hebrew language. I studied it in University(basically the reason I went to University). I feel bad that I have neglected it(and ancient Greek) since graduating...8 years ago. So I've decided that I am going to start refreshing myself. It may sound strange, but I can just as easily get lost in these books as I can in a good novel.

These are just some random light reading, and the only sewing related item. The Sudoku helps me shut off my brain on those nights where I can't stop thinking about one thing or another. I have no idea why the Sears catalog is beside my bed, I don't recall even looking at this particular one.

The top two pictures are ones that my girls drew in Primary for Mothers day, on the back was taped a chocolate bar. The picture on the bottom left is a train drawn by my 7 year old daughter and the one on the right is an apology written by that same 7 year old and left on my pillow after she made my bed for me.

I like frogs...the big one my husband bought for me on one of his business trips, the other I just picked up for $.25 at a second hand store because it looks exactly like a bigger one I have named now I have a baby Hiccup.

Alright, so there you have it. The deconstruction of my night stand...and the floor in front of it.

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  1. i love it!! thanks for playing along. mine has stayed 'clean' for a whole 2 days now. whew!


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