Tuesday, June 9, 2009

more fun stuff

Finally, I have put some new stuff in my Etsy shop. For all of you that liked the idea of my snack bags, I have some available now and will have more coming. I have two styles available for purchase. I have some that are made with PUL fabric(laminated) for your everyday snack needs. And I have some that are lined with ripstop nylon, they are not water proof so they are great for use with dry snacks(ie crackers).

I have a new addiction....well, it's really not a new addiction, it's just a new way to feed my addiction. You see I live 10 minutes away from the US border, so I can have things shipped to a US PO Box and save tonnes of $$ on shipping. Buying fabric(mainly quilting cottons) in the US is cheaper than buying it in Canada...if you don't have to pay the shipping. Now that I have that option, I have started buying fabric online at my new favorite discount fabric store, Fabric.com. I only have to spend $35 to get free shipping....it is so easy to spend $35. I seem to do it every other week.

I just received a package in the mail with a whole bunch of new fabric, this particular selecion of fabric(laminated and cotton prints) cost me a total of $70! So I have new projects that I'll start working on and should have more funstuff in my shop soon...like sandwich wraps, lunch sets, carseat canopies, reusable makeup removers...and whatever else I can come up with. I love fabric.

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