Friday, October 16, 2009

Food Friday's: Crab apples... there is so much you can do

We have two large crab apple trees in our back yard. They look amazing in the spring, smell delightful in the summer and are full of colour in the fall.
The trick is to find enough things to do with them before they freeze and fall to the ground making a REALLY BIG mess. So this is what I do...

First I pick box after box full of beautiful red crab apples...Then I cook them...
With my steam juicer (that I found on ebay for an amazing $45 including shipping)I get this amazing coloured juice...
that I then make into delicious crab apple cider. I also froze to ice cream buckets full of crab apple slush.
I also make apple sauce with them, they are pretty tart on their own so I mix them with a sweeter apple like a gala and make this beyond amazingly delicious apple sauce that comes through the food strainer (again I found on ebay for only $40 including shipping)in the same amazing pink colour.
My mom used to just can crab apples whole. She would make a heavy syrup and put a cinnamon stick and some whole cloves in the jar. They are's like apple sauce on a stick.

If you are ever planing on making apple sauce or tomato sauce you really need to invest in a food strainer. It makes your job so much easier! It looks something like this...

The steam juicer is also amazing. A friend of mine told me about how much she loved hers last year. Ever since then I'd been looking for one and I am so glad that I found one. It looks something like this...

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  1. Seriously! I am so glad you posted that you can actually use them! I can't wait until next summer because I am totally going to try canning some crab apples!

  2. mmmmm...and crabs with cinnimon hearts at the bottom. That is what I did with mine instead of a cinnimon stick...cheaper that way. (and just as yummy) Good job on the canning...jelous, I don't have my own tree anymore, so I had to go and beg people for mine this year. (still got a crapload though) :)

  3. I had no idea that you could eat crab apples?!!

    p.s. love your carseat covers :)


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