Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Gorgeous Christmas Quilt

OK, so this really isn't a tutorial, but it is a free pattern. Seriously, isn't this quilt to die for?!

I found the link to this pattern over at U Create. I love this and I really want to make one. It won't happen this year, but maybe I'll get organized and have it done for next Christmas. I want to have it on my couch so that I can snuggle with it on cold winter nights watching TV or maybe a romantic movie with my hunkish hubby.

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  1. Oh my gosh! This is so stinking cute! I really want to do one too - after I make my son a quilt and crayon rolls for my niece and nephew! Whew! I'm already tired from thinking about it all!

  2. Ha - that is so funny!!! I saw this pattern at the quilt shop in Coaldale...I loved it so much, I came home and ordered a bunch of the fabric from the Figgy Pudding line (as shown in the quilt) from a shop in the states (for 1/3 the price it would have cost me at the shop in Coaldale) so I, too, could make it! I think that is hilarious that we love the same quilt so much!

  3. Sis,
    you'd think we were related or something. I loved the fact that it used the Courthouse Steps..it seemed to fit :)

  4. I love figgy pudding and this quilt really shows it off! it is soooo expensive to buy it here in Canada--if you can find it that is!

    p.s. love your makeup removers :)


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