Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Easy Kids Christmas Crafts

Looking for easy Christmas crafts to do with your kids? I just might have the answer for you.

Today I am tooting my own horn.I recently received an email from an editor of the Favecrafts.com website to see if I would be interested in contributing some of my creative ideas for the Christmas season. I was simply thrilled that I had been noticed and more than excited to participate. I was already planning on posting a few simple Christmas Craft ideas here, so I decided to send them to FaveCrafts to share with the whole wide internet world.

So for the next few weeks I will share my tutorials here, as well as provide a link to the published version at Favecrafts.com.

Three Tiered Christmas Tree and Four sided Christmas Ball

What you will need:

-Scrapbook paper
-glue stick
-pony beads
-glitter glue
-glitter pens or markers

Three tiered Christmas tree instructions

  1. Cut three circles(small, medium, large)from your scrap book paper using the circle template.
  2. Cut out of each circle the quarter section as marked
  3. Add additional decoration as desired on each circle using glitter glue or glitter pens. Let dry.
  4. Using the glue stick, glue along on straight edge.
  5. Pull the other straight edge to over lap the glue making a cone. Place a paperclip along the glued edge to hold in place until the glue dries.
  6. Cut a piece of ribbon about 10” long. Fold in half. Tie a pony bead on to the loose end(the pony bead is to keep the cones from sliding off the ribbon or out of place). Thread the ribbon through the hole in the top of the largest cone(if the whole is to small make a small cut so the ribbon will thread through. Tie another pony bead about 1” above the large cone. Thread the ribbon through the whole of the medium cone. Tie another pony bead on about 1” above the medium cone and thread on the smallest cone.
  7. Optional. Cut slits in the lower edge of each cone and curl the slitted paper upwards using a pencil.

Four sided Christmas Ball Ornament

  1. Cut four circles of the same size from the scrap book paper.
  2. Add additional decoration as desired on each circle using glitter glue or glitter pens. Let dry.
  3. Fold each circle in half.
  4. Cut about a 6” piece of ribbon
  5. Using a glue stick, glue along one half of one circle. Fold cut ribbon in half and glue on the folded edge of the circle
  6. Place one half of another circle on the glued side of the other matching curved edges. Use a paperclip to hold in place until the glue has dried. Repeat for each circle, glueing the forth circle to the first.

All of these crafts have been tried and tested by real kids...namely mine. Next week I'll have two more easy Christmas Craft Ideas for you to do with your kids. In the mean time you should go check out Favecrafts.com. It has tonnes of...you guessed it...craft ideas for all occasions and all levels in any medium you can imagine. Look for me in the future on the Favecrafts blog as a guest blogger.

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  1. I love your Christmas Tree ornament. Cute.

    Rebecca of the R&W Gals


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