Thursday, July 2, 2009

I'm a winner!

Remember when I played along with Whosies? Well, my messy nightstand did me good. I won! and because I won, I got to choose two of Whosies patterns in her Etsy shop! I chose Wilma and Walter Whoo pattern and a Little Miss Doll pattern.

Yesterday we had some unexpected events impose on our Canada Day celebrations, so the kids and I were stuck at home with not much to do for the morning and a good part of the afternoon. So I decided to give these patterns a try. I let the girls pick out thier own material and which pattern they wanted me to make. Kathryn wanted the doll and the other two went for the Owl. three hours later this is what we had...

The girls loved them! They went with them everywhere yesterday evening.

Kymberly with her "Hoot".

Tansley with her "Hoot".
Tansley named hers first and Kymberly figured it suited hers too.

Kathryn with her "Ginger", a good name I think.


  1. Congratulations on your win! One of my doctor's reminded me of Canada Day. He use to live in Syracuse and said they got many Canadian stations.

    We're embarking on our National Holiday celebration this weekend as well.

    Thanks again for following my blog :-) Love your family pics, too.

  2. I love her stuff...I bought the little traveler and we are making them tomorrow...I almost bought the owls...:)

    They look so cute.

  3. Wow what a great win.. I just love Whoosies things.. I am a proud owner of a couple of her sweet creations. Congrats.. yours gifts are amazing. I just wanted to thank you for coming by the blog and marking me as a favorite ;) Please visit again .. there is always something exciting going on :)


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