Thursday, July 30, 2009

Where does the time go?

How has it been nearly two weeks since my last post? I have a pile of projects cut out and ready to sew...
100 snack bags
50 large snack bags
25 sandwich wraps
10 lunch bags with matching wraps and snack bags
5 Carseat Canopies
5 Travel High chairs
5 doodle bags
2 backpacks(for my girls for school)

...but I just haven't got anything finished. It is hard for me to find the time to sew when the weather has been so nice. I spend most of my days sitting outside reading a book while the kids play, or I am working in my garden or the yard. We picked our first cucumbers from our garden yesterday. I should have taken a picture to share, but I was too excited and we just ate them. I love spending time in my yard and working in my garden as much as I love sewing. So I guess right now is my season to be outside, and if it actually ever rains maybe I'll get some sewing done.


  1. I was just over on Whosies...not that this has a thing to do with your post...but saw you entered the giveaway as well....

    good thing I will still like you if you win and I don't. ha ha ha ha :)

  2. Yes I agree with you, if it's sunny it's outside or swimming season and if it's raining or night time it's crafting season!


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