Friday, March 13, 2009

LOST: Reward offered

Have you seen the fabric to match this patterned cat?

It's missing. I can't find it anywhere. I told a lady that I would make a second cat for her so that she would have matching ones for her twin baby girls because I KNEW that I had more. Almost a full yard more(less the amount I cut out for this cat). I know that I have a lot of fabric in a lot of boxes. And I know that it really isn't that organized, but I do keep like fabrics in the same box (quilting cottons in one, flannel in another, corduroy in yet another and so on). I have looked high and low and I can not find it anywhere. Where could it possibly have gone? Did some fabric thief break into my house needing that exact piece of fabric and took only that...or did they? Maybe there is more missing and I just haven't noticed yet. OK, it seems as though I have also lost my mind. So if any of you out there in bloggerland have seen either of these items, would you kindly send them back this way?

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