Saturday, March 7, 2009

A whole lot of tissue

I just made 50 tissue cozies today. "Why 50?" you ask. Well, good question. You see first of all, they are so quick and easy and fun to make. Secondly, they use up all kinds of scrap fabric(a huge shout out to my sister-in-law for passing on her scrap quilting cotton). Thirdly, for our Relief Society(our church women's group) 17th of March party(a celebration of it's organization), which I am in charge of organizing, we are doing a "Purse" theme. And I thought that these would make great prizes for the games we will be playing(oh, I just ruined the surprise...I wonder if anybody from church reads this blog?). Now of course we wont be playing 50 games, and I am not likely to hand out 50 prizes. "So what will I do with the remainder" you ask? Again, excellent question. Well you see, In April I will be attending a Moms and Tots garage sale as a vendor and I thought these would be nice little grab items. I have all kinds of great ideas for things to have available at the garage sale. I have been busy busy busy creating. It's been alot of fun. So if you are around on April 25, you should check it out, come see all the great stuff that I've been creating, maybe even pick up a little something special for you or your kiddies.

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