Monday, March 23, 2009

something new from what was old

I don't know what my 6 year old is doing now, that she hasn't done in years past, but this kid is wearing holes in the knees of her pants faster than I can replace them. It doesn't matter if they were bought brand new or if they were second hand, she will wear them out equally as fast. I've been meaning to do something with these holy pants for some time now, I have a stash of them. I have made ruffly skirts out of them in the past, but I decided to do something different this time. So I made a pair of ruffly, twirly pants. They were a huge hit. She is totally in love with them and would wear them everyday if she could find the perfect shirt to go with them for every day too.I will be making more of these and some capris too! More than likely I will have them for sale in my Etsy shop or my facebook group as well, so keep your eyes open.


  1. Love them! And I know Hanna would too. I'll have to keep that in mind. Although, she doesn't wear out the knees because she hardly wears her pants ha ha.

  2. Oh my! What fun!
    My brother was like this with shoes. No matter how much money my mother spent, they would only last him 2 or 3 months. She finally just gave up. Now he has to wear steel-toe boots for work and that seems to have solved the problem.

  3. I love love love this idea - and hey! Her pants match Rhiannon's dress!


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