Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Quilts and a Cuddly Cat

This past Christmas I was busy with all kinds of creations for my beautiful girls. But there were some that were a bigger hit than others, not that they aren't all loved. First, I made each of my girls a quilt for their bed. This was a new thing for my, I have never made a real quilt before, but I had taken a beginners quilting class and learned some quilting techniques. Here are the results, that I am quite proud of, and my girls just love them so much.

All those these quilts were a hit, my simplest project was my biggest success. I made this really easy cuddly cat for my 18 month old. She is completely in love with it. It solves almost any problem. It goes with her everywhere, and absolutely nobody else is allowed to touch it. She hugs it tight while she sleeps.
This is Kymberly totally in love with her cuddly cat on Christmas morning.

This is my sick little girl holding tight to her cuddly cat, she wasn't very happy with me trying to take a cute picture.

I made the cat with "cuddelicious" in pink short hair. It is stuffed with foam bits. The face is hand stitched on with embroidery floss. I am currently working on a pattern for this adorable cuddly cat for a free download. And soon I will have them available to buy as well, both here, on Etsy and on my facebook group MaKC Creations.

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