Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Welcome To the new MaKC Creations Blog

In an effort to make this a more easily accessible blog, I have come hear to blogspot from here. I have great ambitions of adding a new post at least once a week with things that I've got on the go. I am really excited about this. It seems as though I am always doing some kind of project or other and I would just love to share with everyone what I am doing, give some tips and pointers and hopefully even have some tutorials and free patterns available for download and maybe even a give away once in awhile. My mind has been bursting with ideas, so much so, that I find it hard to sleep at night because I just can't shut down the thinker. So, to all my friends, spread the word! I am ready to share with the world!

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  1. Just dropping by to let you know I have a super give-away contest running this week (and every week) on my LDS blog at Not Entirely British

    This time, the prize is a copy of Dr. Wally Goddard's latest book, "Soft-Spoken Parenting."


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