Monday, March 15, 2010

Free fabric can be sew much fun

My almost 3 year old has decided that she is concerned about getting dirty while eating and insists on wearing a bib. The only problem is that I really don't have any bibs big enough to sufficiently keep her (relatively) clean. This morning I pulled out this apron to do the job.
My sister made this apron for my oldest daughter when she was about 2 years old. It has been well used and is starting to fall apart. After breakfast I decided that I would cut it apart(which required cutting a total of two shoulder seams) to use as a pattern to make more apron/bibs for all of my daughters. After all I have all of this free fabric that I could use. I took the girls down to the piles of fabric that have taken over my basement and let them choose two fabrics that they wanted me to make an apron/bib out of.

Here is what the apron piece looks like folded in half.
To cut out and sew six aprons took me about 2 hours. These aprons are super simple, I could have made them fancier, but really considering that they'll end up being used as a bib, a craft apron, cooking apron, and paint smock I decided that they would be very basic. All I did was serge around the edges and then hem up all edges with a narrow hem...after sewing the shoulder seams together of course. They fasten in the back with Velcro.

Here are the finished products.
I am not normally a fan of licensed fabrics like Disney and Dora, I would never actually spend money on them. But when they are FREE I'll keep them around for projects such as this. My girls can wear these where ever and when ever they want and hopefully they will assist in keeping their clothes clean(er).


  1. Great idea! Your girls are super cute.

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  3. Very cute! You should add these to your items for sale. I love licensed fabrics haha.

  4. Oh, and check out this apron my friend Rhonda made. It's totally something I can see you making and your girls wearing.

  5. Aw... very cute


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