Saturday, March 13, 2010

Like I needed more fabric.

My husband has this friend Craig, one of his best friends from High School. Over the many years of friendship, dating and marriage(a combined total of about 17 years), Craig has become a good friend of mine as well. I have met his family only a handful of times, and every time it has been a complete riot and I have been welcomed as part of the family. Which is why I was somewhat surprised and yet not surprised at all when his mom called me up earlier this week. She asked if I was still sewing and if I would be offended if she sent me some fabric. She just wasn't into to sewing anymore and she was trying to down size. Who says no to free fabric? Not me. I told her that I was tickled that she would think of me and that of course I wouldn't be offended and would be more than happy to take the fabric off her hands. So she told me that she would drop it of at my husbands work at the end of the week. Tonight Daniel brought home three full garbage bags and three good sized boxes. I sat down on my newly mopped kitchen floor(thanks to my darling 7 year old) and started to sort through the fabric. I was prepared to find a lot of outdated stuff, but was surprised at the lack thereof.

After all was sorted I ended up with one bulging garbage bag of polar fleece, a box full of flannels, a box full of quilting cottons(including the perfect piece to recover my bouncy chair), a box full of some basic knits and ribbings and some super soft sleepwear and a decent selection of terry towel that I plan to finally make myself a bathrobe with. I also had this beautiful blue/purple iridescent organza and some pretty blue dress fabric that will likely become Christmas dresses for the girls. There was this perfect purple/yellow/pink pastel piece that will be the answer to "what to accent the girls Easter dresses with?". I now have a selection of boyish fabrics to make boyish pj's mostly(if I actually have a boy this time) not to mention all the girly stuff to make some super awesome summer pj's. And I now have more than enough fabric to experiment with before I use all that beautiful fabric that I love so much. I love free fabric, for the most part I don't have any issues cutting it up! I can't wait to get started!


  1. Wow! Mother lode of free fabric! You lucky girl!

  2. What a generous gift, you're going to be busy creating right up until #4's birth!


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